Father Kills Kids and Self Before Divorce


Staff Writer

On Sunday, February twenty-sixth, police say that a thirty-seven-year-old Idaho man murdered his two kids, his stepson, and soon after committed suicide. The kids were fifteen-year-old Corbin Hillaker, seven-year-old Tate Mckoy Spillet, and six-year-old Jessica Spillet. The father’s name was Tate Lee Spillett.
Spillett was watching the children when their mother went away for business. At the time, they were going through the process of divorce. Spillett couldn’t imagine his kids being taken away from him, so he did what he thought was right. At the time, he thought if he can’t be with his kids, then no one can. When the shooting started, the children were asleep. Not long after he killed the kids he committed suicide.

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