There’s More to A Permission Slip Than Expected


Staff Writer


Seeming like a normal day in Baltimore, a mother named Shanda Flemming was suddenly stunned to see her third-grade child, Michael, enter the door with three missing teeth and a swollen mouth. This, however, was no accident or simply just a fight. This was done by the Baltimore City School Dental Program.


The mother was outraged by this because she claims that she was never informed about the procedure. The Baltimore City Schools responded by saying that Flemming signed a permission slip, but Flemming tells reporters that she thought it was just for routine cleaning.Flemming tells the CBS News Local, “I’m angry about this. I don’t think that it should have happened like that.” Michael also states, “They just said they was gonna clean my teeth.”


Besides the procedure, Michael ended up missing the bus and had to walk home alone, which is almost a full mile. Flemming was very concerned about the fact that Michael had to walk alone, and she said, “He walked home alone after having three teeth extracted from his mouth. He could have passed out or anything.” The mother means that she was afraid that her son could have passed out from the untreated pain and would have been left there for some time.


The Baltimore Public Schools declined the request to comment and still have not answered some important questions: Why didn’t the school alert the mother? Why was Michael allowed to walk home alone? Why wasn’t he given medication after the procedure?
Flemming could not grasp how a company could just do that to a child like that. For now though, Flemming has already scheduled an appointment to see a family dentist while Michael slowly recovers from his painful procedure. We just have to wait and see what new information will come from it.

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