The 89th Annual Academy Awards


Staff Writer
The 89th Annual Academy Awards took place last Sunday in the Dolby Theater which is located in Los Angeles, CA. The red carpet was overflowing with A-Listers wearing marvelous dresses and suits. One of the fashion trends of the night was the color gold. Numerous actresses were either wearing solid gold or had gold decals.


La La Land was the big winner of the night, with a total of five Oscars in the categories Best Actress, Best Original Film Score, Best Original Song, Best Cinematography, and Best Production Design.


Mahershala Ali won Best Supporting Actor and became the first Muslim actor to win it. Viola Davis included herself in the trifecta group which means she has won a Tony, an Oscar, and an Emmy.


For Best Picture, there was a huge mix-up with the winner. The presenters were handed the wrong card (Best Actress), and they said the movie that was on the card which was La La Land. When the cast of La La Land reached the stage, a producer came to the mic and stated that the movie Moonlight had actually won best picture. Way to pull a Steve Harvey, Oscars!

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