The 1975


Staff Writer


Beginning in 2002, Matt Healy, Adam Hann, George Daniel, and Ross Macdonald formed the worldwide famous band The 1975. Mainly labeled as a pop rock band, their dark and youthful themes give the band a more alternative style and tend to attract the younger-teenage generations.


Their first album Facedown first gained popularity when the song The City was played on national radio was heard on a BBC introducing show with Huw Stephens. They received attention yet again when their single song Sex played on another BBC radio in late 2012.


What’s with all the black and white? The 1975 is known for their vintage black and white album covers but was changed as their new album I Like it When You Sleep, for You are so Beautiful yet Unaware of it arrived. The album cover changed to a lighter pink and white color scheme which was used as a publicity stunt. The album topped the U.K. albums chart and the U.S. Billboard 200.
What’s up next? On February 24 ,2017, Healy tweeted for a new release arriving in 2018, Music For Cars.

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