Bus Accident in Visalia


Staff Writer


In early February, an accident between a school bus and a truck happened on Caldwell Avenue and Shirk Road. The bus held over 27 Veva Blunt students. Luckily, none of the students were majorly injured. Only four students were taken to the hospital for minor injuries.


It was a collision caused by a car speeding and hitting a pickup truck, which caused it to hit the Veva Blunt bus. The bus was flung into the dirt while the pickup truck caught fire. The California Highway Patrol closed Caldwell Avenue for two hours the day of the crash while they were investigating the scene.
Parents were not able to get ahold of their children because their belongings were away from them. The students that were uninjured went back to Veva Blunt where they were picked up by their parents without harm. The collision was not major, and everyone was safe.

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