A Day Without Immigrants’ Has Effects


Staff Writer


On February 16, 2017, many immigrants and immigrant families went on strike, protesting the President’s stance on immigration, by not going to work or school. This day many businesses closed in support of immigrants and because of short staff.


Some restaurants, such as Little Red Fox in Washington D.C., closed down in support of their immigrant workers claiming that their restaurants would not be the same without immigrants. Many workers joined in on this strike, and some even asked their bosses to close business for the day. Other restaurants stayed open in support of the day, like Unum in Washington D.C., to show America how important immigrants are to the United States.


There were also bad effects to the day. Some businesses were forced to close because of their employees going on strike, and employers fired these employees the next day. Many of these businesses warned their employees saying they will be terminated if they did not show up to work, and the businesses followed through with their word by firing these employees.


The day had many effects in efforts to show America what it would be like without immigrants.

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