Police Rape


Staff Writer


According to Business Insider, in early February a police officer allegedly raped a young black man. Hundreds of students are now blocking school entrances and have marched after police. Young French students have been conducting violent protests which have resulted in multiple injuries. The victim, Théo, a 22-year-old youthworker, has received severe anal injuries and also head trauma. This was caused by a truncheon during a police encounter. Théo claims that the officer sodomized him, spat on him, and beat him around the genitals. Police officers have recently arrested eleven students for setting garbage cans on fire during a protest.


On that note, most of the people in France have accused the police force of excessive force all over social media. This was because police officers have used tear gas to disperse the protesters. Lately, a lot of events have been occurring with citizens and police officers that have resulted in the citizens accusing the police officers of excessive force most of the time.

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