New Super Livestream Feature for Youtube


Staff writer
Youtube has come out with another feature for their livestreams, called Super Chat. This feature allows a highlighted message in the chat stream that stands out from the rest of the messages on the creator’s board, according to Official Youtube Blog. This feature primarily  benefits the creator since this will bring more money for the Youtuber. In order to submit a Super Chat the viewer is required to donate money, the message will only stay on the chat for a certain amount of time. However, the time, color, and message length strictly depend on the amount of money donated. Viewers can donate with either a desktop or a mobile phone.
In order to send a Super Chat there will be a dollar icon on the bottom right of the screen equipped with a menu pop up, the viewer can then determine how much they want to donate along with the message. The message will be sent after the transaction, and the viewer will get a receipt through their email, also there are no refunds. Embedded into the message there will be a timed countdown. The Youtuber might also end the stream before the countdown ends and  messages will not transfer between streams. The charges does not include time or amount of characters within the massage, the color is also subject to change. The color that correspond with the message are: $1.00-1.99 is blue, $2.00-4.99 is light blue, $5.00-9.99 is green, $10.00-19.99 is yellow, $20.00-49.99 is orange, $50.00-99.99 is magenta, and $100.00 and more is red.

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