Kim Jong Nam’s Autopsy


Staff Writer


Kim Jong Nam, Kim Jung Eun’s alienated half brother, was in his mid-forties and had been exiled for years. He was assumed to be assassinated this week in a Malaysia airport as he was waiting for his flight to go home to Macau.


South Korea specified that North Korea purposely hired two female assassins to poison him at the airport in Kuala Lumpur. Kim Jong Nam had said that he was sprayed with a chemical that caused him to become dizzy and in pain which resulted in his death as he was on the way to the hospital. On Friday, North Koreans rejected the autopsy results from Malaysia suspecting that they are using it out of spite against them. North Korean diplomats in Malaysia denied the autopsy results and demanded the return of the body.


Malaysia requested DNA samples from Kim Jong Nam’s family. They discovered that Kim Jong Nam had two children but no one stepped up to claim the body or willingly provided the DNA samples. A senior Malaysian police official declared that if no one provided the DNA to claim the body then he will give up on the case. However, he did not specify how long it will take.

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