Best Kevin Love Trades


Staff Writer


The Cleveland Cavaliers are looking for a spark to jump start their rough 2017 season. Their All-Star power forward Kevin Love is dealing with constant back and leg injuries. A report by the New Yorker magazine proclaimed that Cavaliers GM LeBron James is looking to trade Kevin Love for the Knicks Carmelo Anthony.


LeBron and Anthony are best friends off the court; usually taking vacations or investing in businesses together. Also, in this group of basketball friends is Clippers point guard Chris Paul and Chicago Bulls shooting guard Dwyane Wade. Let’s see if we can get them all on a team together.


Cavs get:

Chris Paul

Dwyane Wade

Carmelo Anthony

Brandon Bass


Clippers get:

Kyrie Irving

Courtney Lee


Bulls get:

Iman Shumpert

J.J. Redick


Knicks get:

Kevin Love

Cavs 2018 Second Round Pick
If this trade were to be accepted by commissioner Adam Silver, it would be the most monumental trade in NBA history. Three future Hall of Famer’s put on the same team would be an amazing feat. Paul, Wade, Anthony, and LeBron are all best friends and would mesh extremely well enough to win a championship.

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