A Stand Against Graffiti In New York


Staff Writer


On Monday, February 6, 2017, Gregory Locke went and boarded the No. 1 subway train after eating dinner with friends in Manhattan. As soon as he boarded, he saw that everyone was sitting there stunned. Gregory turned and saw something that was indeed, stunning.


On the windows written in sharpie had the following phrases: “Jews belong in the oven,” “Destroy Islam,” and “Heil Hitler.”


Everyone looked uncomfortable and unsure what to do. This is when a man stood up to deal with the problem. This man was named, Jared Nied, a chef in a Manhattan restaurant. He said, “Hand sanitizer gets rid of sharpie pen. We need alcohol.”


Locke told CNN, “everyone started digging into their pockets and bags for hand sanitizer and wipes.”


Neid and other passengers started to work on getting rid of the markings. Nied said that they were,”satisfied in just doing the right thing.” The incident was cleaned up in a matter of minutes, and an attorney posted an account of the incident on Facebook where it quickly went viral.


After the mess was cleaned up, Neid simply states, “We all just sat back down, glanced at each other, and went about our ride much happier.”


Unfortunately, the New York Police Department was not able to identify the suspect, and the graffiti was being investigated as a possible “bias-motivated incident.”


Also, in a separate incident, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shared a picture Sunday morning showing swastika graffiti that has been turned into a “Love” sign. Cuomo said, “This is what New Yorkers do–we turn hate into love. That is our message to the nation and to the world. And we won’t turn back down– not now, not ever.”

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