Stranger Things


Staff Writer


During Super Bowl Sunday, there was a Stranger Things commercial for season two. This commercial made Stranger Things fans go wild over it. Because the commercial was so major, there are even reaction videos circling.


The commercial included many sneak peeks for what is to come in season two of the show. The new season will be airing on October 31st, and the fans have become impatient. The commercial included many images of Eleven, a character who disappeared in the last episode, implying that she will be making another appearance.


In such a short amount of time, many people have already been analyzing the commercial, trying to find out more about the second season. You can find many videos on YouTube discussing the theories they have. This fandom is so huge that there are already so many theories and videos on them, even though the commercial was only about 30 seconds long.


The viewers are extremely excited and that commercial is all they have to go off of for the rest of the year. Until that greatly-anticipated night,  fans will be left in the dark. Perhaps more trailers will be released before then, so keep an eye out until then. We have a long way to go until our questions are answered.

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