Spring Split: Week 3


Staff Writer


Another week down, and the teams are beginning to spread out and are giving some perception of how the rankings are going to turn out. At the moment, every team has won at least one series and only one has the chance to score an undefeated season. Currently, the standings are as follows:


1.Cloud 9: 6-0

2.FlyQuest: 5-1

2.TeamSoloMid(TSM): 5-1

4.Phoenix 1: 4-2

5.CounterLogicGaming(CLG): 2-4

5.Echo Fox: 2-4

5.Team Liquid: 2-4

5.Immortals: 2-4

9.Team Dignitas: 1-5

9.Team Envy: 1-5


Once again, Cloud 9 takes two wins for the week, dominating Team Envy and Echo Fox with 2-0 victories. As Cloud 9 accumulates more victories, already getting past some of the strongest teams like TSM, CLG and Phoenix 1, they’re showing very promising signs to take the championship and get to represent North America at the Mid Season Invitationals. Only Flyquest remains in Cloud 9’s list of teams to prove themselves against, and they’ll have the chance in the upcoming week.


Close behind Cloud 9 are TSM, Phoenix 1, and FlyQuest. TSM had an uncharacteristically solid loss against Cloud 9 during week one and started to make people question if they could make it without their attack damage carry Doublelift. It seems after their initial loss, they’ve regained momentum and have gone on a five game winning streak, keeping close to the tail of Cloud 9. Along with them is FlyQuest who, despite being 5-1, are victim to skepticism as a result of not facing any of the top teams yet this season. This next week, however, will be their chance to prove themselves when they match up against the powerhouse Cloud 9 and strong front runner Phoenix 1. On the topic of Phoenix 1, their record does not represent the skill of their team. The team has looked very strong in all of their matches, and the two they lost had been very close, one of those being against the very dominant Cloud 9. Interestingly, Phoenix 1 has actually won the same amount of total matches as TSM and have lost less, so the fact that they are behind TSM might have been a fluke and might go in the favor of Phoenix 1 when they come into another match up.


Meanwhile, in the back of the list are two teams that are going to get the chance to pull themselves back up the ladder. CLG has been set to the lower end of the standings, but in their defense, almost all their losses have been to the top tier teams, TSM, Cloud 9, and FlyQuest. Next week they’ll be against Phoenix 1 and Echo Fox, and if they can pull a 2-0 out of it, then they’ll have a chance to pull themselves into the top tier teams. Echo Fox also has a shot at rising in the rankings, getting the chance to beat CLG and TSM. With wins on a top three team and their current main competitor, they’ll reach the top tier and have a shot of making it to playoffs.

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