Underground Living


Staff Writer


These days architects have been advancing their research by exploring more diverse landscape opportunities, such as projects located underwater, in the forest, and in the air, which ultimately led to the design of furthering underground living.


Underground architecture has been around since the medieval times and evidence shows even before that. In fact, people would dig holes to build houses, or live in caves. Open Platform for Architecture (OPA) — a Netherlands based firm — has been breaking conventions by building into the earth, rather than above.


The OPA has successfully conceived of three promising underground designs — The Plinth, The Holy Cross, and Casa Brutale — collectively named the Terra Matter Trilogy.


The Plinth was designed to become a cultural center in Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan. The Holy Cross, if built, will be a place of worship. Casa Brutale has gone viral online and will eventually be located in Lebanon.
These designs are the first of many to come in the future. The OPA believe that the advancement in underground architecture will become a sensation to come.

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