Daughter’s Suicide Leads to Lawsuit


Staff writer


A  college student from Chadron State College, Fatima Larios, committed suicide in January 2015, and her parents believe that the college did nothing to help prevent her suicide. Her parents say that she was physically and mentally abused by her boyfriend, and no one tried to do anything to stop it or even help her.


Her parents filed a lawsuit against Chadron State because they were required to try to stop, and deal with any type of abuse going on between anyone at their school. The suit states that the school followed its policies and Title IX regulations and acted on reports of the abuse. However, her parents believe that Larios’ death could have been prevented.
Larios had tried many times to get someone to notice what was happening; she met with the counselor, her softball coach, and many more people, but no one listened until it was too late. Larios was first going to a different college but then transferred to Chadron state in northwest Nebraska, which is where she met her boyfriend. Her parents still wish that she stayed at the college close to them, but she wanted to follow her dreams. She was only nineteen-years-old when she passed.

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