A War Between Church and State


Staff Writer


The war between church and state has gone has been going on for quite some time, and the war is still going on, especially concerning teaching evolution in schools. In 1981, the Louisiana Legislature passed a law that banned public schools to teach evolution without using “creation science.”


The creationism act was later challenged in 1986 by pro-evolution scholars that stated that this was an effort to force religious beliefs into the science curriculum and struck the act down.


After the act was struck down, Justice Antonin Scalia asked his colleagues, “ What can we really know for sure? Pointing to ‘ample uncontradicted testimony that ‘creation science’ is a body of knowledge, rather than revealed belief.’”


Justice Scalia was in the court for thirty years, and was often wary about science related  topics. However, in the past he was responsible for finalizing the 2008 case District of Columbia V. Heller that allowed citizens the right to burn flags. His other colleagues state that he had been known to interpret the constitution very carefully, but when it comes to science, he had been known to be skeptical.


Justin Driver, a law professor at the University of Chicago stated, “The justice who was more conspicuous than any other was invested in trying to make legal interpretation objective sometimes seemed to be skeptical of science itself, the best means we have of pursuing objectivity.”


For example, in an argument in 2006 at the Supreme Court on climate change, a majority of the justices recognized that it was indeed a serious problem. Scalia, on the other hand, believed that global warming may or may not be justified. Scalia even refused to settle with same-sex marriage even though evidence proves that children raised by homosexuals fare just as well as children raised by heterosexuals. Scalia still tried to defend his religion despite the fact that he was a Supreme Court Judge. In time though, the world will have to wait to see how this war all plays out, especially since Justice Scalia has passed away.

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