Man Charged In New York Jogger’s Death


Staff Writer


A man has been charged in the death of thirty year old Karina Vetrano. The murder occurred on August 2, 2016, as Vetrano was running alone on a park trail near her home in Howard Beach, NY.


The man being charged with her death is Chanel Lewis, twenty, of Brooklyn, NY. Police stumbled upon him after a 911 call about a suspicious person made back in May 2016. DNA evidence linked Lewis to the scene and to Vetrano, referring to the DNA found under her nails, on her back and on her cell phone.


The day Vetrano was killed, she was found by her father and police, strangled and sexually assaulted. Chanel Lewis does not have a criminal history, however, he has a number of summonses in and around the area.


The news of Lewis’s arrest has brought solace to Vetrano’s parents, who marked her the six-month anniversary of her passing on Thursday.


“I’m not going to say it’s a good day but we can move forward now… We’re at a place we were never at. We know who did this,” Phil Vetrano told CNN affiliate WCBS on Sunday in an interview outside the family’s home.


Cathy Vetrano, Karina Vetrano’s mother praised the NYPD saying, “Our sorrow is so endlessly painful that hearing the news is not what I expected… There is no happiness. They worked endlessly and tirelessly and that was because of their passion combined with our passion for our daughter.”


As for the suspect, Chanel Lewis, he faces up to twenty five years in prison if convicted. Lewis is being held at the Manhattan House of Detention and he is expected in Queens Criminal Court on February 21, 2017.

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