The Starbucks App’s New Feature


Staff Writer


The Starbucks app already has so many features, like being able to pay straight off the app,  order on-the-go, and send e-gift cards to other users with the app. Now, Starbucks is trying to add to their app by introducing a way for users to talk to the app while ordering, as well as paying. The feature would be called MyStarbucks Barista and users would benefit by just speaking instead of scrolling through the app’s very long and generic order page. The update won’t be available to iOS users until summer 2017, and for Android users soon after. Starbucks would also like to add the option of ordering Starbucks Coffee through Alexa, Amazon’s Echo device.


The update will be great if Starbucks can pull it off with no glitches. No one wants to get their coffee made with 1% milk when they asked for non-fat, or order a mocha frappuccino and end up with a hot mocha. Sure, the first couple versions of the feature will most likely have glitches, but if Starbucks can make the end result glitch-free for thousands of users, the feature will be one of the best, if not the best, on the app.  

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