Seven Dogs Found Shot In North Carolina


Staff Writer


In North Carolina authorities are seeking help after finding seven dogs shot and killed along a rural road outside of Charlotte, NC. The dogs were said to have been there for some time, when they were taken to the vet, professionals confirmed that the dogs had broken necks and had been shot. The canines were said to be hunting dogs, however, none of them had a microchip that could be used to trace them back to the owner. The dog rescue group, Pawsitive Impact NC Dog Rescue, posted photos of the dogs in hope someone might recognize the dogs or know anything about this incident.


“Every dog will leave this earth with dignity and will have a name. It is the least that we could do in order to correct what some horrible human(s) did to them.” they wrote. Many people are commenting under the post, “This happens all the time where I live,” a Facebook user commented. “When hunting season is over all the dogs that don’t hunt, or are injured, or that are old, this is what happens to them. We find these all the time.” The group of rescuers gave the seven dogs names: Sophie, Scarlett,  Ingrid, Rhett, Clyde, Baker, and Bailey.

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