Pennsylvania Twins Missing For 10 Years


Staff Writer


Nearly two weeks after child welfare workers removed four children in June from a woman’s home in Pittsburgh, a bigger problem was discovered: the woman had two other children missing and they haven’t been seen alive for nearly a decade. Since the summer, twins Ivon and Inisha have had a wide net search set up for them. They would have been about eighteen years old by now. A county detective believes both children are dead now, but he has no way to prove it. In December, a search came up empty while searching another area house in Pittsburgh. Their mother, Patricia Fowler, was arrested in August on charges of concealing the location of her twins. She claims the children are completely safe and living outside of the state, but no information she had given police has been proven to be true. Currently, she is free on bail.


As officials try and crack this mysterious case, they have also filed additional charges against Fowler for collecting more than fifty thousand dollars in state food stamps, public assistance and medical benefits for the twins. Fowler has changed her story a number of times regarding the whereabouts of her twins, Ivan and Inisha. This includes saying that the children live with relatives in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia only to have the names and addresses not check out. At one point, Fowler even told police she sold the twins years ago for two thousand dollars each. She later told them that even that was a lie.
Police have also been working with the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children and other databases show that the children have never attended school. Fowlers older son, Dawton, 19, also remains jailed on charges against him for conspiring with his mother about where the twins are.

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