Trump Protests


Staff Writer


2017 marks the year of new beginnings, including protests, due to the election of Donald Trump.  This past weekend women from all over the nation joined together to make a stand; just like back in the 1900s when women marched on Washington, once again marking a historical date in history. This time though they are fighting for something much more powerful.


This protest was not only for women, but also to support all other protesters. People standing up for immigration rights, racial injustice, health care reform, rights for everyone no matter their sexuality, and freedom of press are just a few reasons as to why some people marched last Saturday.  Not only by marching to Washington D.C. did they get their point across, but social media blew up on all forms. These marches aimed to let Trump know that “Women’s rights are humans rights” that we as a nation of powerful people will not allow “locker room talk” to be justified. All over the world nearly 4.8 million people participated. 408 marches were planned in the U.S., with nearly half a million people in Washington alone.


Another protest that has sparked interest nationwide is the wearing of red. Trump has nominated Betsy Devos as the education secretary for public schools.  Teachers all over the U.S. feel that she is not qualified because she has never taught before. Not only does she not have any educational experience, but she was homeschooled, as well as her children. So why should she decide the fate of public education? So to signify the injustice teachers have started wearing the color red on Wednesdays in order to bring the attention of the nation that just because you have money does not mean you do not need the proper qualifications.  As children we are taught to dream big and go for your dreams, but we all know that usually involves getting qualified in that subject and gaining experience.

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