Spring Split week one: C9 and FlyQuest


Staff Writer


The Spring split has started, and teams are coming off strong, but some teams are having disappointing starts. At the end of the week, C9 and FlyQuest are leading the pack while Echo Fox and Team Envy bring up the rear. Currently this is how the League stands:


1.FlyQuest: 2-0

1.Cloud9: 2-0

3.TSM: 1-1

3.Team Liquid: 1-1

  1. Team Dignitas: 1-1
  2. Phoenix1: 1-1
  3. Counter Logic Gaming: 1-1
  4. Immortals: 1-1
  5. Echo Fox: 0-2
  6. Team Envy: 0-2


Current front runner FlyQuest came in and surprised the league with a dominant first week. Their Debut game was very much in their control. That being said, the opposing Team Envy was playing with two substitute players, which may have tilted the game in FlyQuest’s favor anyway. Their second game proved much more, Because they were stronger this time, and they displayed prowess in playing from behind and dealing with dragged out series. Many doubts came with this team as a result of old C9 veterans Hai, Balls, and Lemonnation being thought to be washed up and lacking in mechanical ability. The team, however, came in and displayed how powerful the shotcalling of Hai was with fast paced map rotations, well timed baron calls/baits, and effectiveness in playing from behind and closing out games. Some concerns, unfortunately, come from the laning phase of FlyQuest. The players individual skill during the laning phase is somewhat lackluster, with the exception of new jungler Moon, being an effective early player, and Altec, being a solid force in the bot lane. As FlyQuest continue their season, they will definitely be looking to improve their individual play and early game prowess and possibly become a serious contender for the top 3 teams in North America.
Along with FlyQuest, on the top of the leaderboard is the re-invented Cloud 9. Last year, Cloud 9 had gone through several roster changes that gave them a very bumpy beginning of the season. However, the current Cloud 9 team is solid and secured, coming in with new talent along with old. The opening game of the season between TSM and Cloud 9 was a close and exciting back and forward match that ended in Cloud 9, winning 2-0. Expectations for this game were split as TSM had beaten Cloud 9 in the finals of the summer split. Cloud 9 gained more support, however, when TSM player DoubleLift took a break from the LCS and was replaced by WildTurtle, an old veteran who had mixed expectations, and a very strange Kalista pick. The star of this first game was Cloud 9’s new jungler, Contractz, who catapulted Cloud 9’s early game and grabbed first blood in both games. He performed excellently on both Kha zix and Lee sin and is a promising pick up for the rest of the season. Cloud 9’s second match was against the new and improved Team Dignitas. Dignitas came into the league with very high expectations as they had revamped their team with very strong players such as Ssumday, LOD, and Xpecial. The match was very close, ending in a 2-1 victory for Cloud 9. The performance of Contractz was not as prevalent this game as the first; however, the pace was picked up by Cloud 9’s support Smoothie, who had some game changing ultimates on Miss Fortune and Taric. The games tested the endurance of the two teams, including multiple games over 40 minutes. Team Dignitas showed that they are possible contenders for the top five, apparent in their one win, but Cloud 9’s ability to make early leads make the most out of ultimates. Effectively team fight in long, drawn out games makes Cloud 9 a possible number one in the league.

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