Pink Floyd


Staff writer


As we grow older and discover new music, sometimes we might encounter an album with a  rainbow and a single triangle. The album doesn’t say much, but to a few, it’s something we’re all familiar with. In London, 1965, four college men came together in an attempt to present their passion for music to the world. Thus, Pink Floyd was created.


Pink Floyd’s music is not like any others. Although, their music is classified as psychedelic rock, similar to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. But there is something special about the sound they produce. In the band’s first album hit, The Dark Side of The Moon, Pink Floyd emphasizes the smallest sounds. Whether it’s heavy breathing, money machines, or laughing, it turns the song into a pensive train of thought.
Pink Floyds Another Brick in the Wall was the band’s only single to hit number one on the American music charts. Yet, the band sits at third place on the list of best selling albums for selling over 40 million copies and selling a total of 250 million copies worldwide.

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