Netflix Originals


Staff Writer


Netflix, the popular movie and tv show streaming company, started creating their own shows in 2012, with the first Original being Lilyhammer. But the company started announcing their “Original Series” in 2013, with the debut of House of Cards. Since then, Netflix has come out with many more originals with some of the most popular being House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Fuller House, and Stranger Things.


While Netflix has come out with major hits, they have also had their misses. There are many Netflix originals that most people have never even heard of, like BoJack Horseman, 3%, and Arrested Development.
Netflix keeps making these Originals, looking for them to become hits. The majority though, are not. Netflix should stop trying to make so many originals, and focus on making one Original amazing, so that it could end up as hit. Sure, Netflix is trying to bring something to their subscription members that only Netflix has, but most would enjoy fewer Originals with better plot lines. Too many Netflix Originals make the company look bad. Netflix should stick to being a movie and TV show subscription service, and not trying to be their own TV channel with the occasional Netflix Original.

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