Men in Makeup


Staff Writer


For the longest time, people thought of girls when it came to makeup. Last year, all that came to an end when male makeup artists began gaining popularity on YouTube. People such as Manny Mua (Manny Gutierrez), Bretman Rock, Jeffree Star, James Charles, and Patrick Starr broke the stereotype last year.


Big companies like Covergirl and Maybelline have recognized this and created commercials that included some of these makeup artists. Covergirl’s “Lash Equality Mascara” commercial features James Charles, and Maybelline’s “Boss Mascara” features Manny Gutierrez.


A few of these male makeup artists even have their own line of cosmetics. Manny Gutierrez has a line of lipstick with OFRA to make, and Jeffree Star has lipsticks and highlighters that every makeup lover is aware of. Star’s channel began to expand in 2016 and gained a huge fan base over that year. This gave him a chance to release his makeup, which has greatly benefitted the beauty community.


Upon coming to know these men well through their channels, they have made videos with each other and other female makeup artists. Many of these guys have been invited to and frequently attended Beautycon. These men are amazing at what they do and it’s been long overdue for them to be where they are now.
Since these men have came around, people have begun to be more accepting toward the LGBTQ community and non-females being in the makeup business. There will always be some dissent, but this is a great step to getting to a friendlier environment for everyone.

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