Man Killed In Mall Shooting


Staff Writer
Sunday, January 22, 2017, marked a day of grief for the family of Jonathan Murphy, age forty-two. It was a rare day for the couple because they hardly had the same day off. Jonathan and his wife, Aimee Murphy, had decided to head to the mall to get their wedding rings cleaned. What started as a normal trip, soon turned deadly.


Upon spending a short amount of time in the jewelry shop, Kay Jewelers in San Antonio, an attempted robbery began to take place. That’s when Murphy tried to intervene, and was shot and killed by one of the suspects. Another person then intervened and shot the suspect who shot Murphy while the second suspect ran off through the mall shooting additional victims. Two others were shot, both with non-life threatening injuries.


The boyfriend of Murphy’s step-daughter, Chris Cercone described Jonathan Murphy as “a regular guy in some ways, who went above and beyond to take care of his family. [He] tried hard to do the right thing.” Murphy also worked eighty hours a week. “I hope justice is served,” Cercone told ABC News.


For the suspect who was shot during the robbery, whose name was not released, he is currently in critical condition. As for the second suspect, identified as thirty-four year old Jason Matthew Prieto, who fled after the shootings, he was later caught and taken into custody. Both are facing one capital murder charge and two counts of aggravated robbery. There has also been a GoFundMe page started by Cercone to support the family in such a horrible time.

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