Georgia Trailer Park


Staff Writer


On Sunday morning around four, a tornado warning blared from Yesenia Mondragon’s cell phone. Her husband told her to grab their one-year-old daughter and then get into the bathtub. The twenty-four year-old mother lived in Sunshine Acres, a mobile home park about three miles southeast of Adel, Georgia. This locally owned mobile home park was one of the hardest hit neighborhoods by thunderstorms and tornadoes that struck this weekend.


In this park there were seven deaths, in half of the state, there were fifteen. Residents described a terrifying scene as the twister ripped through Sunshine acres.  The surviving residents told the police what they saw. Many of the residents did not see anything, but one resident said “All I saw was a little girl flown up and thrown in a ditch, three seconds later, the trailer got picked up off the ground and landed on top of the mother and son.” So many people in this state are in dire need of daily items such as homes, clothes, and water.

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