Fading Memories


Staff Writer


Alzheimer’s Disease, irremediable and deadly, is a mental deterioration that arises mainly in old, but middle aged people as well, due to degeneration in the brain. The damage in nerve cells and tissue loss causes the brain to dramatically shrink, which will gradually affect all the functions within the brain. The aging and the capacity of the baby-boom generation lead to a shocking increase in Alzheimer’s. The cost for treatment and the affect on society, statistically, begin to impact the public health.


Currently, five million Americans have Alzheimer’s, and it will continue to escalate in the near future. Majority of those people with Alzheimer’s disease lose sight of their past, memories, self, and even to the extent of losing the ability to swallow and breathe. Further, the disease has no treatment, cure, or prevention.


“I lost my first mom five years ago. Alzheimer’s is my second mom.” stated Daisy Duarte, a victim to Alzheimer’s. Now forty-five years old, she is now a caretaker for her mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Duarte’s mother no longer recognize her daughter. Moreover, Daisy Duarte knows for a fact that her end will be exactly the same. Alzheimer’s not only affects the person, but those around them as they helplessly watch their loved ones slowly deteriorates.


Alzheimer’s has potential to be treated in the upcoming future, yet the support along with the money and concentration to endure through it, is what makes the difference.

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