“Abuse” on the set of A Dog’s Purpose


Staff writer


After a very shocking TMZ video was released of the behind-the-scenes footage of the upcoming movie, A Dog’s Purpose, pet lovers will not look at this movie as an “animal friendly film”. A Dog’s Purpose is about a man’s best friend who tries to discover his purpose in life and goes through different scenarios throughout his journey to try and discover that purpose. When TMZ released a video of a German Shepherd struggling to stay out of a tank of rushing water for a scene in the movie, many people were outraged.


The video showed the movie’s dog trainer forcing a German Shepherd into the turbulent waters on set, and this had many people concerned for the pets on set of the movie. During the rehearsal of this scene, Hercules was reluctant to jump into the pool. Moments afterward, Hercules began to sink below the rushing water, but concerned trainers were able to come to his rescue. After the video was leaked, Universal Pictures cancelled the premier of the film after it prompted animal right activists, as well as PETA,  to call for a boycott of the film.
With TMZ’s version of the video, it seemed as if the dog had been thrown into the water and drowned since their was no other footage of the dog being pulled out from the water. Although this was very misleading to the people who viewed the video, the film crew are happy to say that Hercules is fine and safe. A Dog’s Purpose premiers on Friday, January 27th and is rated PG.

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