Teen Abducted as Newborn Defends Accused Kidnapper


Staff Writer


18-year-old Alexis Manigo, whose birth name is Kamiyah Mobley, was kidnapped from a Florida hospital just hours after she was born. Manigo spoke lovely of the woman who kidnapped her, Gloria Williams. She says that Williams gave her the best life, and Williams will always be her mother.


The teen states, “I still think of her as my mom. She will always be my mom. That’s all I want people to know. She was a great mother. I will never have malice for her. I will always love her.”


After a police investigation and a DNA testing she was reunited with her biological parents over the weekend. Williams is now facing kidnapping charges, the 18-year-old burst into tears when she saw her mom behind bars.


Manigo also stated, “She made one mistake, but I was loved. From that one mistake I was given the best life. I had everything I ever needed, and wanted. I had love, especially. There is no price on the love that was given to me.”


It all started when Manigo asked for her birth certificate because she wanted to get a job. Then Williams broke down and admitted she kidnapped Manigo when she was a newborn. Manigo was so upset she did not go to school the next day. Manigo also says, “Another family means more love” and that she will also give them a chance and get to know them.

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