Shooting in Mexico School


Staff Writer


At a private school in Monterrey, Mexico, a fifteen-year-old student shot a teacher and two other students in the head, as well as shooting another student in the arm before committing suicide. The perpetrator died in the hospital, the three victims with head wounds must fight for their life to survive, and the other student is not in any critical condition. The surveillance camera of the school captured the incident which was later posted online.


The video highlighted the female teacher handing out papers in a normal situated classroom until a boy in a sitting position pulled out a gun from his desk and opened fire. Then he stands and continues to shoot at his classmates before bringing the gun up to his head. He missed the first shot to his head, and he tries again but seems to have run out of bullets. As his classmates cower in fear behind and under desks, the boy then bolted to his backpack in order to try to reload the gun. Prior to shooting himself he mumbled something to the surviving students before eliminating himself.


During the investigation of the fifteen-year-old boy’s motive and reason, it was discovered that the boy suffered from depression. However, the motive as to why seems to be unclear. Mexico used to enforce a program to check bags of students upon entrance, but it slowly died down. Unlike the United States, Mexico was spared the school shooting that had traumatized the United States, and Mexico begins to enforce drills to defend against future or possible shootings.

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