600-Year-Old Buddha Statue Emerges From Lake


Staff Writer


The head of a 600-year-old Buddha statue has emerged from the waters of a Chinese reservoir located in eastern China.


The statue was first noticed by a local villager last month; the water levels dropped by roughly 10 meters (33 feet) during renovation work on the Hongmen reservoir, allowing the statue’s head to emerge from the reservoir.


Since its appearance, archeologists have discovered that the statue is around 12.5 feet tall and was carved approximately 600 years ago during the Ming Dynasty, a Chinese dynasty that reigned for nearly 300 years. The head of Hongmen Township government, Guan Zhiyong, claimed that according to folklore, “…the ancient people built the statue to pray for safety.”


Local villagers believe that the statue’s emergence is a sign of good fortune. The statue is expected to be submerged again by March, when the water levels of the reservoir are restored by the spring flood.

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