Biggest Snub in All-Star History?


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This years NBA All-Star game features a lot of the same faces and a few new faces. Among the familiar faces from the Western Conference are Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry, and James Harden. From the Eastern Conference, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, DeMar Derozan, and Jimmy Butler. The Eastern Conference has two players making their first All-Star appearance. Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo are emerging as young stars in the NBA with their tremendous skill level.
Russell Westbrook is returning to the All-Star game for his fifth appearance. Despite putting up historic numbers midway through the season, he did not earn a starting spot in the Western Conference. He is the only person who has averaged a triple-double since Oscar Robertson did so in the 1961-62 NBA season. Westbrook is averaging 30.6 points per game, 10.4 assists per game, and 10.6 rebounds per game. As the player who has the best numbers in the league, it is no question he deserves to be a starter. Because of the NBA allowing the fans to participate, Stephen Curry and James Harden had more fan votes than Russell Westbrook which knocked Westbrook out of the starting lineup. Current and former NBA players are in shock that Westbrook is not a starter along with a huge wave of fans. But hey, there’s always next year.

Deshaun Watson, Best QB Available


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Deshaun Watson is coming out of Clemson looking like the best quarterback available in this years draft. Watson is a dual-threat QB, can run extremely fast and has the arm talent that most scouts look for in a QB. He has experience, the stats, he knows how to win, and he has a championship pedigree.


Coming off a season where he threw for 41 touchdowns and 9 rushing touchdowns. He threw for 4,593 yards passing and ran for 629 yards. Watson’s stat line has been impressive enough to get scouts to look at him more; showing off his arm talent and his leg talent.


Watson, in his last two years at Clemson, has only lost two games. One of those being the 2016 National Championship Game against Alabama. Watson and Clemson were one play away in 2016 from winning back-to-back titles. Watson could end up winning the title this year, making him look even better.
Clemson QB Deshaun Watson is easily the most qualified player in this draft and is the top QB prospect this year.

Green Bay Takes the Win

By: Marcus Garcia

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In last weekend’s match up, the Green Bay Packers took the Dallas Cowboys on. In a close game at the end, Mason Crosby hit the game winning field goal for Green Bay. The final score was 34-31 and it was a nail biting fourth quarter. It was a show of the two quarterbacks and Aaron Rodgers took the title


Aaron Rodgers and Dak Prescott went head to head last weekend, and Rodgers walked away with the win. Both quarterbacks played a great game, both throwing one interception. Prescott threw three touchdowns and Rodgers walked away with 2. In what was a thrilling game, the rookie pair could not top one of the best to ever step onto the field.
The Packers have moved on to the NFC Championship game where they take on the Atlanta Falcons; winner goes to the Superbowl.

Lady Miners top the Huskies in WYL Match Up


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The El Diamante Lady Miners took on the Hanford West Huskies on January 17, 2017. The Lady Miners were down 18-7 after the first quarter. Things were not looking good in the first half as the Lady Miners were losing to the Huskies 20-10.


Then, the Lady Miners came out the second half looking like an entirely different team, outscoring the Huskies 25-8. They shut down the Huskies completely, not allowing a single score in the fourth quarter. The final score was 47-28 in favor of the Miners.
With this win, the Lady Miners improve to an (11-9) overall record and a WYL record of (3-2). The Huskies now have a (6-16) overall record and a WYL record of (0-5). 

El Diamante vs. Hanford West Varsity Boys Basketball


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On Tuesday, January 17th, the El Diamante Varsity Boys Basketball Team took on Hanford West in the El Diamante gym. Both teams battled for about an hour and a half, with a roaring crowd and screeching sneakers.


Both teams were tied and fought, point-for-point, leaving the game with high intensity at half time. Whenever the boys returned for their second half, they both came back with fire on the court for 2 more quarters. In the fourth quarter, the crowds roar grew immensely as the aggression grew also.


Although Hanford West fought hard, El Diamante Miners took home the win. The boys claimed their victory and took home a win with a score of 56-50. Be sure to catch the Miners battle Hanford West again on February 10th.

Elane Geller; A Holocaust Survivor


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This past week, I was given the honor of hearing and talking to an incredible woman named Elane Geller who, as a small child, lived through four years in a concentration camp during the Holocaust.


Her story begins on the day the Nazis invaded her small Polish town. Her father tried to send her off to live with a Christian family; however, others who tried to do the same were killed. Her father took a chance and brought Elane with him to the town square where the Nazis were rounding them up. When they reached the town square, the horrible massacre began. Elane lost her mother, siblings, grandparents, and uncles. Then the remaining townspeople were sent to the camps. Elane was brought to a camp and thankfully her aunt was brought to the same one. Every day was a struggle because her aunt would go to work, and Elane would sit in the barracks praying she would come home. She did not have a job, so she would wander around and steal and eat anything she could find. Along with starving every day, she was bitten regularly by dogs which has made her terrified of animals to this day. The most horrifying thing was that she believed seeing dead bodies and hearing gun shots every day was normal.


Liberation came four years later when Elane was eight years old. Her camp was liberated by the British and they dropped candy on the ground. She had no idea what candy was at that point, so she was pretty confused when people started eating it off the ground. Luckily, she found most of her family members due to them putting ads in the newspapers. She was brought to the U.S. on the first ship back, and that is where she met her first colored man who gave her her very first orange. She now has an extreme sense of nationalism and pride for her country. She believes her survival was an accident and completely random.
Elane has been sharing her story for about twenty years and she wants to make sure high school students understand how powerful they are when they speak up against hate and question others about their actions.

2018 Mustang

2018 Mustang


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On January 18, 2017, Ford released the new specs for the 2018 Mustang. The new Mustang is going to have a V8 engine with a ten-speed automatic transmission. With all that power they have also added a twelve-inch, customizable steering wheel. The body is improved with LED headlights and a new exhaust. There is going to be an option to change the exhaust to the GT Mustang model.


There will be two models to choose from. One model will just be the GT Mustang with the same exhaust and engine. The other model will be a convertible Mustang with a little more fancy interior than just the stock GT Mustang.


Both of the Mustangs will have a leaner design in order to have a “meaner” look and refined aerodynamics. All things considered, this Mustang will be a big improvement from the 2017 Mustang and have more power than the V6 engine that is in the 2017 Mustang.

Shooting in Mexico School


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At a private school in Monterrey, Mexico, a fifteen-year-old student shot a teacher and two other students in the head, as well as shooting another student in the arm before committing suicide. The perpetrator died in the hospital, the three victims with head wounds must fight for their life to survive, and the other student is not in any critical condition. The surveillance camera of the school captured the incident which was later posted online.


The video highlighted the female teacher handing out papers in a normal situated classroom until a boy in a sitting position pulled out a gun from his desk and opened fire. Then he stands and continues to shoot at his classmates before bringing the gun up to his head. He missed the first shot to his head, and he tries again but seems to have run out of bullets. As his classmates cower in fear behind and under desks, the boy then bolted to his backpack in order to try to reload the gun. Prior to shooting himself he mumbled something to the surviving students before eliminating himself.


During the investigation of the fifteen-year-old boy’s motive and reason, it was discovered that the boy suffered from depression. However, the motive as to why seems to be unclear. Mexico used to enforce a program to check bags of students upon entrance, but it slowly died down. Unlike the United States, Mexico was spared the school shooting that had traumatized the United States, and Mexico begins to enforce drills to defend against future or possible shootings.

Conversational Shut Down by Protesters


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On Friday, January 13, 2017, Milo Yinnopoulos and Martin Shkreli’s conversational talk at the UC Davis was cancelled by protesters. The protesters were holding signs saying “you can’t pink wash fascism”. One group managed to push through police and form a human chain blocking the building entrance. Some protesters were even able to get into the venue, but were later arrested. Protesters broke through a barricade the police had put up. Protesters surrounded the venue and shouted “shut it down”.


UC Davis College Republican, who sponsored the talk, cancelled the event before Yiannopoulos’s speech. The two were going to have a conversation, however, Shkreli said he wanted to debate on Yiannopoulos’s view on feminism.


Milo Yiannopoulos is a journalist and a public speaker from Britain. Yiannopoulos has been in the news before, he was banned from Twitter for racist abuse towards actor Leslie Jones. He broke Twitter’s abuse and harassment policy. Twitter said they will not restore his account.
Martin Shkreli is an American entrepreneur and pharmaceutical salesman. He is a co-founder of MSMB Capital Management. Shkreli also has been banned from Twitter. He was banned for harassment of a female journalist.

Texas Police Salute Slain Detective


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Jerry Walker was a Texas police detective and a trained marksman. He understood the humanity aspect of being a detective that some detectives have forgotten. Walker was a resource officer at Little Elm High School before he joined the Little Elm Police Department SWAT team.


During the walk in honor of Walker, people in his community shared all kinds of memories and stories about him. He was a loving father of four beautiful children and he was known to be a caring man for the people he served. He was even friends with the children who never had friends, he made them happy by being their friend. Even the people who received any type of ticket from him acknowledged that he was a nice man.


“He knew what his job was but he was also a people person who knew how to get down to any level” said Police Chief Rodney Harrison.


Walker died Tuesday night after responding to a 911 call of an armed man in a backyard. The man started to run into the house as Walker tried to speak to him. He opened fire from inside the home shooting officer Walker. The gun must have been a semi-automatic as noticed by the rapid succession of gunfire.
Walker was transported by helicopter to a local hospital where he later died from his injuries. The suspect was not identified, but the body was found in the house hours later. Dozens of officers and emergency responders lined up outside of the hospital in honor of Walker as they carried his body out of the facility.


Walker left behind a wife and four children, the youngest being just a few months old and the oldest is twenty-two-years-old. Everyone is trying to do what they can to make sure people know what kind of man Jerry Walker truly was.