Boy Locked In Bathroom for One Year


Staff Writer
For as long as two years, a twelve year old boy was locked in a bathroom in his mother’s two-story Utah home.


For safety reasons, the young boy’s name was not released. When the child was found, he was seriously malnourished and close to thirty pounds. His living conditions were just as bad. The toilet was so full of feces that it did not appear to have water. The door was locked from the outside with the light switches duct taped in the off position, leaving the boy to sit in the dark all the time. The worst of all was the shower. Empty bean cans were found littered inside and the drain was covered with duct tape.


“I’ve seen the pictures. They’re horrific,” Washington County Sheriff’s Lieutenant David Crouse told CNN. “I’ve seen other horrible things, but this is one of those things I’ll never forget. I wish I could unsee it.”


In addition, Crouse said a camera had been set up so the mother, Brandy James, could monitor the boy on her cellphone and give him instructions.


On Sunday, the boys father found him “lying on the floor of the bathroom with a blanket” and immediately rushed him to the hospital. The mother and father were married, but they did live separately.


At the hospital, doctors explained the boy would need to be hospitalized for at least three weeks in order for him to get healthy again. As for Mrs. James, when asked why she had done it, she claimed she had locked him in their for his own safety when she left the house. She also claimed he “wanted to sleep in this bathroom” regardless of the conditions it had been in.


James is being charged with one count of felony child abuse, and it is currently unclear if she has hired a lawyer. The boy had not been to school in three years and there appeared to be two other siblings that lived in the house as well. Those two children did not show any signs of abuse.

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