Wage Increase: What that Really Means


Staff Writer


As of January 2014, minimum wage was set to slowly increase to fifteen dollars an hour until 2022. Minimum wage is something that has been contemplated a lot. Once we reach eleven dollars an hour in 2018, then 12 dollars in 2020, we need to realize that not only will wages increase but prices will increase as well.


In a sense, raising wages is a good thing because it can help single parents that are working two jobs. By raising the minimum wage they will have enough money with one job, possibly leading to more family time. Not only will it aid them, but it can also help our economy if we have more money. Then we can spend more, leading to benefits for our government.  


On the other hand, raising wages will have a heavy toll on labor in small businesses and even large franchises. If employees cost more per hour, then it’s going to cost a lot more compared to before, which will lead to less hours and possibly a rise in prices. This could leave us at exactly where we started. 
Overall, as Governor Brown stated when he signed the document that permitted the rise: “It will bind the community together”. Not only will this affect our economy, but who knows? Maybe by 2022 it will affect you too.

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