Varsity Basketball Boys El D Vs. Tulare Union

By Chris Nava-Romero

Staff Writer


Our boys being 4-1 and coming back from a win against Porterville High 51-44, play Tulare Union who are 1-2. In the first quarter the our boys were not awake and were not playing their best game turning it over a lot and missing wide open three’s. At the end of the first quarter Tulare was winning 4-14. But that did not stop El D from getting buckets. They were passing the ball and playing well. In the second quarter the leading scorers were Seth Hall with 9 points , Diego Lacey with 7 points, and Jake Gonzalez with 4 points.


At the end of the half the boys came back leading 26-20. The second half was even better because Tulare was not getting anything. El D was just on fire making everything. At one point they were up 20 against them and ending the quarter 45-26. By then you could tell the game was over and Tulare had no chance. Coach Moore put in the less experienced players and just went on them in the fourth quarter, winning 53-42. The leading scorers for El D were Seth Hall with 14 points, Diego Lacey with 13 points, and Jake Gonzalez with 7 points.

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