Trailblazers Outlast Miners


Staff Writers
Every game has to be fought for with every inch of effort. Between the cross town rivals, El Diamante and Golden West, the two teams squared off for first place in WYL. Both teams were heading into the game at 4-0, so nerves were through the roof on either side. The El Diamante Miners came into this game (12-1-2) and (4-0) in league, while the Golden West Trailblazers came into the game (9-2) and (4-0) in league play.


The game was nip and tuck the entire time, but the Trailblazers came away with the first goal off of a corner kick that ricocheted off of a Miner into the net, making the game 1-0 in favor of Golden West. The Miners didn’t let this sway their intensity, as Andrew Garcia put a solo goal away  in the Trailblazers net in the 75th minute. With this being the last hurrah of regulation time, the match went into overtime with a score of 1-1. 


Tempers flared on both sides during the second half, leading the referee to pull six cards in total, three of which were red. The first red went to the Miners 63 minutes into the game, and they played a man down until a later collision in regulation, leading to both a Miner and a Trailblazer being rewarded with a red. In this case, El D is now down two players and Golden West is down one.


Overtime was a battle of its own, especially early on with Enrique Ibarra of GW attacking hard to the goal in the 91st minute in overtime, putting it away and giving the Trailblazers a 2-1 lead over the Miners. To our dismay, the Miners couldn’t come back from this goal. Ibarra scored the game winning goal to put the Trailblazers ahead in first place in league, and to also remain the lone unbeaten team in league at (5-0). People got what they paid for in a tough, rugged, WYL soccer game.

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