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Sing was released on December 21, 2016, and has since then been loved by almost everyone. Viewers were talking about how cute it was and how much they enjoyed it. Upon watching the movie, the viewers realized that this movie was able to entertain people of all ages, not just children. The movie, while most of it was comedy, even included some heartbreaking scenes for each character that was in the movie.


Sing is a movie showing different characters’ stories and their passion for singing. In a desperate attempt to make money for his theater, the owner – Buster Moon – creates a singing competition with a cash prize that attracts many passionate singers in town. The movie shows the struggle between Buster trying to keep his theater and for the others not giving up on themselves when it comes to singing.


The movie did attract some publicity, but I did not hear a lot about it except in commercials. A lot more people should know about this movie: it was extremely interesting with its original plotline. The movie had an intriguing storyline, including the perfect combination of happiness and heartbreak, and even had a happy ending. Even the animation for the movie was well done and they picked the perfect voice actors for each character.


The movie also included many older songs that were loved by many. The songs include Katy Perry’s “Fireworks”, Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”, and many more. They showcased these songs through covers in emotional scenes of the movie. The songs chosen for the movie all had different meanings for the characters and their personalities.
I highly suggest you go watch this movie with your family or your friends. It’s an amazing movie that everyone can enjoy. The movie was extremely cute and it’s pretty hard to not like the lovable characters in this movie. Instead of focusing the whole story on one person the whole time, the different point of views made the movie unique. I suggest watching this movie in theaters as soon as you can, so you can watch this inspiring story right away.

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