Preview: Green Bay Vs. Dallas

By: Marcus Garcia

Staff Writer


The red hot Green Bay Packers take on a dominant Dallas Cowboy’s team this Sunday for a NFL Divisional Round game. The Packers now on a seven game win streak will play the bye week Cowboys in what looks to be a great game. They faced off early in the regular season and the Cowboys took out Green Bay, but there were also a lot of injuries on Green Bay’s side that crippled them on both sides of the football. It looks to be a whole different match up on Sunday and either team can take it.

Jordy Nelson, the Packers main receiver, is out for this playoff game. The Cowboys look to have a full, healthy roster going in; Green Bay is still all beat up. The Packers have run the table the past 7 games, and are on fire. The only thing that Dallas does not have going for them is they are coming off a bye week with no momentum. Green Bay has to be on their best game in order to beat a fourteen and two team. It’s a matchup of a strong, young rookie quarterback, versus one of the greatest to ever play, Aaron Rodgers. Along with Dallas’ future star, Ezekiel Elliott, it is gonna be a shoot out.

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