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Passengers is a great movie. The movie’s purpose is to tell us to appreciate the journey more than the destination. If you do not want to know some particulars, stop reading. There are spoilers!


A young man wakes up way before his time and is trying to find a way to go back to sleep to reach his destination. The young man’s robot friend, a bartender on the space shuttle, tells the young man to enjoy life. The young man tries to do just that, but he is too fixated on trying to go back to sleep to reach his destination with the rest of the people who are awake. He wakes another recruit on the shuttle, a young women around his age, and tells her that they can’t  go back to sleep because both of their machines were broken.


Based on these events, they get over it together and enjoy life . They do everything they possibly can on the shuttle to enjoy their time together. Later in the movie, they find a way to go back to sleep. The only problem is that only one of them can go back to sleep. They both decide to live their  lives together and not reach their destination because they already reached their peak of happiness with each other during the journey.

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