Nothing Is Impossible

Kobe Hernandez

Staff Writer


After many interviews and rejections, 26-year-old Colette Divitto, with Down syndrome, finally makes her own company in Boston. She states that it was a long journey to get to this point.


Even though she’s been rejected by multiple job interviews, her family never gave up on her. The person covering her story, Alfredo, states, “ I knew from a long time ago, God put her on earth the change the wave of thought around the country” (Yahoo News). For this reason, her mother and family helped Collette make her very own company with delicious cookies.


Collette always loved to bake since the beginning. She would bring cookies to interviews for people. Even though she got rejected, people still wanted her to make the cookies. With the help from her neighbourhood and website, which can be found on her facebook, her dreams became very real.


Now, she has already received 50,000 cookie orders according to her website. Her success is a true inspiration to many people who have family members with disabilities. Alfredo states, “I never raised her looking at her as if she had limitations. We all have them. We all have things we’re good at, and we all have things that we’re not good at” (Yahoo news). Such words are very true, for we have all have strengths and weaknesses. Alfredo also states, “We don’t focus on that” (Yahoo News).


Finally, Collette has made yet another goal to accomplish. She wants to hire people with disabilities. She announced this on Twitter that they are looking for a full-time employee. This just shows that her dreams do not stop at the company’s creation. She plans on creating hope for people and family members  that have disabilities.

Collette’s  accomplishments are truly inspiring to many people. She shows that nothing is impossible, and anyone can achieve anything. Collette sends out a message saying, “Do not give up, live your dreams and keep doing what you have to do” (Yahoo News).

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