Nick and Liz


Staff Writer


In the newest season of The Bachelor, Nick Viall who does not always have the best of luck when it comes to finding love, is finally getting his turn to pick through about 30 girls to see which one is “Wife Material”. One contestant stuck out to him the most, but not on a positive note.


Liz Sandoz came onto The Bachelor with an open heart and open mind, thinking nothing but the best of what could happen with her and  Nick, knowing that she had already had a shot to tie the bachelor down. A previous Bachelor and Bachelorette, Jade and Tanner got married, and Liz and Nick just so happened to connect at the wedding party and spend the night together. After a fun-filled night, Nick asked to have Liz’s number, but Liz refused, thinking that it wasn’t a big deal and they would go on living separate lives.


Coming on to The Bachelor had to be pretty nerve-racking, and getting out of the limo to see Nick’s confused and somewhat disappointed look would have aroused a lot of questions for any girl attempting to start a relationship with a man who has so many options to choose from.


Last Monday, at the end of a group date, Nick was alarmed by another contestant that Liz had spilled the beans and told someone about their special night together. Being the sweet guy that he is, he decided to pull Liz aside and give her the benefit of the doubt, and have her explain her intentions.


Liz´s explanation just was not good enough for Nick, so sadly he expected the worst out of her intentions, and decided it was best to send her home.

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