iPhone 10th Anniversary


Staff Writer


The first iPhone was released on January 9th, 2007, 10 years ago. Since then, the world has gone crazy over iPhones.


Known as the first smartphone, iPhone changed the game by not including a keyboard and making it touchscreen. iPhone included things like music and the App Store that are things iPhone users can not live without. The iPhone has set the stage for all the other types of smartphones we have now.


Apple is continuously remaking the iPhone and adding to it, making the phone more than a phone. iPhone’s technology has limited the need for MP3’s or even iPods, and with their improvements on the camera, it limits the need for digital cameras. Smartphones are now like mini computers, instead of just phones.
By Apple starting the smartphone battle, we have stepped away from phones that just call and text and went to phones that browse the internet, play games, play videos and shows or movies, have a GPS, browse social media, connect to TVs, can pay for things, and even turns off your lights at home. Phone technology has skyrocketed, and the iPhone has helped with that. With all said, happy birthday iPhone.

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