High School Relationships


Staff Writer


Sure, there are people who start their relationship in high school and end up getting married and staying together. I mean, the term “high school sweethearts” had to have come from somewhere right? In reality, the majority of high school relationships do not last.


Not that relationships in high school are unnecessary, but in the long run, are they worth it? Of course the week long relationships are no big deal, but what about meeting someone who is a potential interest for the rest of your life? What about the year-long relationships or even the two or three-year relationships? Is it worth it to spend so much time on someone when eventually they’ll end up breaking the other’s heart?


High school is a time for teenagers to find themselves and transition from child to adult. It’s great to grow with someone, if both people are growing, but high school is when heartbreak begins. Heartbreaks are a learning experience, but personally, not one I want to deal with. With academics, sports, and outside of school activities, it is hard to keep a relationship, be happy, and juggle everything else life throws at teenagers. Adding heartbreak to the list is not something I want to do.


Not to mention the stress of the relationship itself. Texting everyday, weekend dates, after school dates, remembering anniversaries, gifts for holidays, taking pictures to make sure they are #RelationshipGoals, and that is just the relationship. Then add school, work, sports, family time, and even necessities like showering, eating, and sleeping. It’s too much work.
High school relationships may seem great, but they are not. It would be so much easier to make memories with friends, enjoy classes, and find one’s self. Staying away from relationships in high school is a better option.

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