Hey Violet


Staff Writer


After so much waiting, Hey Violet finally has their own US headline tour. Just last year, Hey Violet got the opportunity to tour with 5 Seconds of Summer for their Sound Live Feels Live tour. On January 17th, they announced the tour; it takes place in March and has 11 venues they will play at.


The closest locations include San Francisco, Anaheim, and West Hollywood, and those are the first three dates of the whole tour. The rest of the locations are scattered across the US and the ticket prices are extremely affordable. The tickets don’t go on sale until January 20th of this year.


Considering this is still the beginning of their career, this tour is boosting their publicity and their fan base. This also gives them a chance to show their talent for a full show instead of just opening up for a band. All of the band members – Nia Lovelis, Rena Lovelis, Iain Shipp, Casey Moreta, and Miranda Miller – are especially excited and are tweeting a lot about this upcoming tour.


They will be performing their most popular songs, such as “Guys My Age”, “Pure”, and “Brand New Moves”. Those of which are their newest songs, but they should be performing their older songs off of their album “I Can Feel It” that was released in 2015.


If you’re a big fan of pop, then this band is something you could easily get into. Their music is amazing and they’re extremely dedicated to their music and fans. They interact with their fans a lot during concerts, and if you stay after, you have a huge chance of meeting them.
In my experience of seeing Hey Violet live, they were amazing. They didn’t sound very different from their album and they had so much energy and positivity on stage that it made the whole experience so much better. I highly recommend seeing this band before their career blows up and their ticket prices soar. It’s a concert that you will definitely not regret going to.

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