El Diamante Varsity Boys Basketball Vs. Redwood


Staff Writer

This Tuesday, on January 10th, the Miners and Rangers Varsity Boys Basketball teams battled it out in the Redwood gym to see which team could claim their victory upon their opponent.


During the first quarter, the Rangers came out on top running up and down the court while the Miners struggled to find their opportunity for rebounds: finishing with a score of 10-22.


The Miners began to regain control during the second quarter. Seth Hall and Daniel Gallardo began to “drop 3’s” and stiffen their defense, leaving the first half of the game with a score of 27-28.


After half time, the Miners had figured out their rebound strategy and come face to face with Redwood’s star, Kobe Garner. The Miners came back prepared to battle and so did the Rangers. The Rangers took a lead of 6 in the third quarter with a score of 42-48. Quickly, intensity grew on the court and in the stands. El Diamanté and Redwood began to fight point for point and neither team was willing to give up the fight.


Emotions grew immensely due to a 55-55 tie–putting the Rangers and Miners into over time. The fight lasted for 4 minutes, while the Miners watch their victory slip from their hands. The Rangers took home the win with a final score of 68-60. Junior player, Seth Hall, says it best: “We as a team were ready to play this game. We came very prepared for this game with lots of practice and film. We came out to a sluggish start not playing great as a team. As the game wore on, we started to play hard and play as a team and we were neck and neck all game. We came up short in the end, but we are better for it and we need to move an and get better everyday.” Both teams–El Diamante and Redwood–will meet again on Friday, February 3rd, to settle the tension, again.

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