Nothing Is Impossible

Kobe Hernandez

Staff Writer


After many interviews and rejections, 26-year-old Colette Divitto, with Down syndrome, finally makes her own company in Boston. She states that it was a long journey to get to this point.


Even though she’s been rejected by multiple job interviews, her family never gave up on her. The person covering her story, Alfredo, states, “ I knew from a long time ago, God put her on earth the change the wave of thought around the country” (Yahoo News). For this reason, her mother and family helped Collette make her very own company with delicious cookies.


Collette always loved to bake since the beginning. She would bring cookies to interviews for people. Even though she got rejected, people still wanted her to make the cookies. With the help from her neighbourhood and website, which can be found on her facebook, her dreams became very real.


Now, she has already received 50,000 cookie orders according to her website. Her success is a true inspiration to many people who have family members with disabilities. Alfredo states, “I never raised her looking at her as if she had limitations. We all have them. We all have things we’re good at, and we all have things that we’re not good at” (Yahoo news). Such words are very true, for we have all have strengths and weaknesses. Alfredo also states, “We don’t focus on that” (Yahoo News).


Finally, Collette has made yet another goal to accomplish. She wants to hire people with disabilities. She announced this on Twitter that they are looking for a full-time employee. This just shows that her dreams do not stop at the company’s creation. She plans on creating hope for people and family members  that have disabilities.

Collette’s  accomplishments are truly inspiring to many people. She shows that nothing is impossible, and anyone can achieve anything. Collette sends out a message saying, “Do not give up, live your dreams and keep doing what you have to do” (Yahoo News).

The Rolling Stones


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Many people know the bright red emblem with a tongue sticking out. It’s a common fashion statement to several, but to others, it’s more than a fashion statement. It’s The Rolling Stones.

The Rolling Stones have been rocking since 1962, and with their album release of Blue and Lonesome in 2016, they’re not slowing down anytime soon.


The Rolling Stones play a huge part in history. Beginning in 1962, the Rolling Stones were a part of the British Invasion (started by The Beatles) and inspired the youth to join the 60’s counterculture. Unlike their rivals, The Beatles, the band wore leather jackets, had longer hair, and had more aggressive music. The band started off with blues inspired pieces but quickly shifted to more mellowed out tracks and eventually had a psychedelic breakthrough. When their album, Their Satanic Majesties Request, arrived, it received several amounts of criticism since many believed it copied The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonley Hearts Club Band. Despite the comparison, the album rose on the charts and was being seen as The Rolling Stones work, not The Beatles.
Over the years, the lineup has changed, attitudes were turned around, and through the many ups and downs, the band continues to play on. Lead singer Mick Jagger, guitarist Keith Richards, and drummer Charlie Watts are the last of the original lineup, but they still perform together as if it were 1963.

This is Us


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An emotional rollercoaster full of heart throbbing show stoppers, This is Us has stole the spotlight from all other TV shows. The show focuses on three individuals that share a birthday. Each character has some sort of mission they are on: Randel, who is trying to find his biological father: Kate who has struggled with obesity her whole life: Kevin,  a struggling actor, whose main gigs are taking his shirt off. Their parents, Rebecca and Jack, are the idle married couple but leaves us in tears once we find out that Jack has died and Rebecca has remarried.
All the ups and downs they face are realistic to the issues we face in real life. From the struggles with relationships, to the pains and joys of pregnancy, to trying to fit in with the rest of the world, this show has captured the hearts of millions.

Hey Violet


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After so much waiting, Hey Violet finally has their own US headline tour. Just last year, Hey Violet got the opportunity to tour with 5 Seconds of Summer for their Sound Live Feels Live tour. On January 17th, they announced the tour; it takes place in March and has 11 venues they will play at.


The closest locations include San Francisco, Anaheim, and West Hollywood, and those are the first three dates of the whole tour. The rest of the locations are scattered across the US and the ticket prices are extremely affordable. The tickets don’t go on sale until January 20th of this year.


Considering this is still the beginning of their career, this tour is boosting their publicity and their fan base. This also gives them a chance to show their talent for a full show instead of just opening up for a band. All of the band members – Nia Lovelis, Rena Lovelis, Iain Shipp, Casey Moreta, and Miranda Miller – are especially excited and are tweeting a lot about this upcoming tour.


They will be performing their most popular songs, such as “Guys My Age”, “Pure”, and “Brand New Moves”. Those of which are their newest songs, but they should be performing their older songs off of their album “I Can Feel It” that was released in 2015.


If you’re a big fan of pop, then this band is something you could easily get into. Their music is amazing and they’re extremely dedicated to their music and fans. They interact with their fans a lot during concerts, and if you stay after, you have a huge chance of meeting them.
In my experience of seeing Hey Violet live, they were amazing. They didn’t sound very different from their album and they had so much energy and positivity on stage that it made the whole experience so much better. I highly recommend seeing this band before their career blows up and their ticket prices soar. It’s a concert that you will definitely not regret going to.

High School Relationships


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Sure, there are people who start their relationship in high school and end up getting married and staying together. I mean, the term “high school sweethearts” had to have come from somewhere right? In reality, the majority of high school relationships do not last.


Not that relationships in high school are unnecessary, but in the long run, are they worth it? Of course the week long relationships are no big deal, but what about meeting someone who is a potential interest for the rest of your life? What about the year-long relationships or even the two or three-year relationships? Is it worth it to spend so much time on someone when eventually they’ll end up breaking the other’s heart?


High school is a time for teenagers to find themselves and transition from child to adult. It’s great to grow with someone, if both people are growing, but high school is when heartbreak begins. Heartbreaks are a learning experience, but personally, not one I want to deal with. With academics, sports, and outside of school activities, it is hard to keep a relationship, be happy, and juggle everything else life throws at teenagers. Adding heartbreak to the list is not something I want to do.


Not to mention the stress of the relationship itself. Texting everyday, weekend dates, after school dates, remembering anniversaries, gifts for holidays, taking pictures to make sure they are #RelationshipGoals, and that is just the relationship. Then add school, work, sports, family time, and even necessities like showering, eating, and sleeping. It’s too much work.
High school relationships may seem great, but they are not. It would be so much easier to make memories with friends, enjoy classes, and find one’s self. Staying away from relationships in high school is a better option.

Preview: Green Bay Vs. Dallas

By: Marcus Garcia

Staff Writer


The red hot Green Bay Packers take on a dominant Dallas Cowboy’s team this Sunday for a NFL Divisional Round game. The Packers now on a seven game win streak will play the bye week Cowboys in what looks to be a great game. They faced off early in the regular season and the Cowboys took out Green Bay, but there were also a lot of injuries on Green Bay’s side that crippled them on both sides of the football. It looks to be a whole different match up on Sunday and either team can take it.

Jordy Nelson, the Packers main receiver, is out for this playoff game. The Cowboys look to have a full, healthy roster going in; Green Bay is still all beat up. The Packers have run the table the past 7 games, and are on fire. The only thing that Dallas does not have going for them is they are coming off a bye week with no momentum. Green Bay has to be on their best game in order to beat a fourteen and two team. It’s a matchup of a strong, young rookie quarterback, versus one of the greatest to ever play, Aaron Rodgers. Along with Dallas’ future star, Ezekiel Elliott, it is gonna be a shoot out.

Green Bay Packers Advance With Blowout Over Giants


Staff Writer


January 9th, 2017, the Green Bay Packers hosted the New York Giants at Lambeau Field in a Wild Card playoff game. This game featured two Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers who have 3 Super Bowl wins combined.


The first two scores of the game came from the Giants. Two field goals were made from kicker Robbie Gould and gave New York a 6-0 advantage. This lead did not last for long as Aaron Rodgers threw a five yard touchdown pass to Davante Adams. Green Bay secured the lead with this score and did not relinquish the lead for the rest of the game. For the last play of the second quarter, Aaron Rodgers rolled out and launched a hail mary to the end zone. In the crowd of Green Bay’s receivers and New York’s secondary, the ball connected with Green Bay’s receiver Randall Cobb. This resulted in a 14-6 Packer lead entering halftime.
Opening the second half, New York closed the gap with a forty-one yard passing touchdown from Eli Manning to Tavarres King to make the score 14-13. This is as close as New York would be for the remaining time in the game. Green Bay did not allow the Giants to score once more. On the other hand, the Packers would close out the game with four more scores, one field goal and three touchdowns. Green bay closed the game with twenty-four unanswered points. The Packers look to make a push for Super Bowl 51 behind leader Aaron Rodgers and experienced coach Mike McCarthy.

Trailblazers Outlast Miners


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Every game has to be fought for with every inch of effort. Between the cross town rivals, El Diamante and Golden West, the two teams squared off for first place in WYL. Both teams were heading into the game at 4-0, so nerves were through the roof on either side. The El Diamante Miners came into this game (12-1-2) and (4-0) in league, while the Golden West Trailblazers came into the game (9-2) and (4-0) in league play.


The game was nip and tuck the entire time, but the Trailblazers came away with the first goal off of a corner kick that ricocheted off of a Miner into the net, making the game 1-0 in favor of Golden West. The Miners didn’t let this sway their intensity, as Andrew Garcia put a solo goal away  in the Trailblazers net in the 75th minute. With this being the last hurrah of regulation time, the match went into overtime with a score of 1-1. 


Tempers flared on both sides during the second half, leading the referee to pull six cards in total, three of which were red. The first red went to the Miners 63 minutes into the game, and they played a man down until a later collision in regulation, leading to both a Miner and a Trailblazer being rewarded with a red. In this case, El D is now down two players and Golden West is down one.


Overtime was a battle of its own, especially early on with Enrique Ibarra of GW attacking hard to the goal in the 91st minute in overtime, putting it away and giving the Trailblazers a 2-1 lead over the Miners. To our dismay, the Miners couldn’t come back from this goal. Ibarra scored the game winning goal to put the Trailblazers ahead in first place in league, and to also remain the lone unbeaten team in league at (5-0). People got what they paid for in a tough, rugged, WYL soccer game.

Raiders 2016 Season


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The Raiders 2016 season was one to remember. They ended their fourteen-year playoff drought, won twelve games (first time since 2002), had an MVP candidate with quarterback Derek Carr, defensive star in Khalil Mack, and a pro bowl offensive and pro bowl wide receiver with Amari Cooper.


Coming off a 7-9 season, the Raiders had high hopes for this season. On offense, they had Derek Carr, who led them to five fourth quarter/overtime victories. Carr had arguably the best offensive line in the league that was lead by three pro bowlers: Left Tackle Donald Penn, Left Guard Kelechi Osemele, and Center Rodney Hudson. The running backs for the Raiders were a big part this season. The Raiders used three backs this season, Latavius Murray and rookies DeAndre Washington and Jalen Richard. Richard, undrafted, became a big playmaker for the Raiders, while Murray would take a bulk of the carries and Washington showed great flashes this season. The wide receivers for Oakland played great ball this year. Second year pro, and two-time pro bowler Amari Cooper had career high in catches (83), yards (1,153), and set a franchise record with 21 catches going over 20 yards. Then veteran Michael Crabtree was a huge contributor this season.  He had a team high 89 receptions, with 1,003 yards, and team high 8 touchdowns.


Oakland’s defense this year started off shaky, but picked it up as the season went on. It was led by Star D-End who had 73 tackles, 11 sacks, 5 forced fumbles, and an interception that went for a pick six.  Free Agent signing Bruce Irvin had a career high 57 tackles, with 7 sacks, and 6 forced fumbles. Linebacker, Malcolm Smith, had a team high 103 tackles and 2 forced fumbles. The Raiders had another Pro Bowl defensive player in Free Agent safety Reggie Nelson. Nelson had 65 tackles going along with 5 interceptions.


The Raiders looked like a team with hopes of going, and possibly winning the Super Bowl. But in a home game in Week 16 against the Colts, Derek Carr went down pointing at his leg yelling that “It’s broke”. It would turn out Carr broke his fibula and would miss the rest of the season and playoffs. Backup Matt McGloin would later get injured the next week against the Broncos, having rookie Connor Cook step in. Cook had never dressed out for a game that season as the Raiders planned to redshirt him this season. But, Cook would have to make his first career start against the Houston Texans in the playoffs. Cook threw for a touchdown and three interceptions in a game dominated by the Texan’s defense.
2017 seems promising for the Raiders, as they look to fix their holes they had this past season, get healthy and become the real threat they are and make their Super Bowl run.

Lady Miners take on the Huskies


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On Tuesday the EL Diamante Miners girls soccer team played the Hanford West Huskies girls soccer team at home. The Lady Miners came into the game very intense, starting the half with a bang by putting away two goals in the first ten minutes. The floodgates had just opened; the Miners ended up putting seven goals away throughout the entire game.  Hanford West was having a tough time keeping up with the girls soccer team, managing to score only one goal.