Trump Quick to Replace Obamacare


Staff Writer


United States President-elect Donald Trump told New York Times he wanted a substitute for President Barack Obama’s 2010 healthcare law, known as Obamacare. Trump wants Congress to pass a replacement for the healthcare law at the same time, or soon after they remove the current law. If Congress fails to not put in a replacement, many Americans with Obamacare may be at risk to lose coverage.


Republicans have said it possibly could take up to two years to make a replacement. Trump stated that having a delay of that length was unacceptable, also that it will not be repealed and then two years later go in with another plan.


The Senate will vote later this week on a draft for the legislation which would repeal Obamacare,  later the house will vote; however, the repealment of the law will come later on.


Senate Democratic Leader, Chuck Schumer, called on Trump to publish his own Obamacare substitute. He also stated “If they are repealing, they have an obligation to show us a full replacement plan, not just a little piece of it, and once they show us that plan, we’ll give them our opinion of it.” Republican Senator Orrin Hatch stated Senate rules for the reconciliation process could possibly make it difficult to put replacement provisions in the repeal bill. Hatch also replied to one of the House Speaker’s saying, “If he can come up with something that would help push this forward, I’d be all for it.”

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