Oakhurst Car Crash


Staff Writer


Around eleven p.m. on Saturday, January 7, 2017, two sisters, Shania Costella and Savannah Costella crashed west of Road 425 in Oakhurst, California.


The Fresno Police Department said that Shania Costella was driving too fast for the conditions and lost control at China Creek road. The car rolled over and her sister Savannah was able to escape the car; however, Shania Costella was trapped in the car.


First responders were able to get to Shania and drive her to Valley Children’s Hospital where she later passed away. The doctors went through a routine check-up on Savannah, who received minor injuries. KFSN news commented, “The weather is partly to blame for the crash that killed the teenager in Oakhurst”.


The Fresno Police Department is still investigating the cause of the accident. Shania Costella’s death was tragic and unexpected to the teen’s friends and family. Shania Faith Costella was a 16 year old girl who enjoyed her life while she could and always said, “Never take life for granted”. Ultimately Shania enjoyed her life until her passing and she will be deeply missed, not only by her friends and family, but also by her basketball teammates.

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