Man Kidnapped, Tied, And Beaten For Hours


Staff Writer
During the middle of April, 2016, Facebook, a social media outlet, created a new feature called ‘Facebook Live”. Since it’s creation, it has been used for a number of things.


On New Year’s Eve, an eighteen year old man from a Chicago suburb, who suffers from schizophrenia and attention-deficit disorder, was kidnapped, beaten and tortured for more than twenty-four hours.


The incident began when the victim, whose name has not been released, met with an alleged friend at a suburban McDonald’s to begin what both the victim and his parents believed was a sleepover. Instead Jordan Hill, one of the alleged assailants, drove the victim around in a stolen van for a couple of days. They later ended up in a home in Chicago where two of the other suspects lived.


This is when a Facebook live video was started and the victim is seen with his mouth taped shut and was slumped into a corner of a room. Two assailants are seen cutting off his sweater while the others taunt him off camera. A visible wound can be seen on the man’s head as well as a red band that appears to be around the victim’s hands. His hands were tied up for four to five hours.


There was a total of four suspects who were identified: Brittany Covington and Tesfaye Cooper, both of Chicago, Jordan Hill, of suburban Carpentersville, all of whom were eighteen. The fourth suspect was identified as Covington’s sister twenty-four year old Tanisha Covington, also of Chicago.


The suspects are being charged with two hate crimes – one because the kid was disabled and another because of all the racial slurs they made him say and what they said to him. The victim only escaped when two of the suspects left and kicked down a neighbor’s door. A police officer later saw the man wandering down the street, bloodied and obviously disoriented.

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